Chocolate Boar


  • 800 gr. Wild boar meat
  • 200 gr. white bacon
  • 100 gr. of moixardones
  • A glass of oil
  • A glass of dry anise
  • red wine
  • A sprig of parsley
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • A slice of dry bread
  • Two tablespoons of flour or a glass of pig's blood
  • Two servings of dark chocolate
  • Lard
  • salt



The boar should be cut into small pieces and saying in the lard and oil. When the meat has browned, add red wine, which should not be too strong, enough to cover that as well as anise, and let the whole simmer. After about half an hour, the stew incorporates a snack made ​​with white bacon, garlic and parsley. Then fry the bread into small pieces and add to casserole with crushed almonds. They let in ten minutes and add the moixardones, who have passed previously by the pan and crushed chocolate. The last step, when the meat is almost tender, is to add the blood vessel of the same animal. If there is not the same, it is flour before frying the meat so the sauce thickens.