Luzás Castle

XI century Romanesque castle

On the strength of the place you can differentiate between two structural elements, firstly a slender tower about 26 meters high, and secondly, the remains of a circular canvas and two blocks belonging to a perimeter wall, all ready done in ashlar in regular courses.

The tower, outside pentagonal, square becomes inside. The thickness of the walls is about 2 meters and the length of the outer sides is about 9 meters, except those that form the angle of just over 4 feet. The tower was divided into six floors. raised on a solid base, the first two dedicated to storage, the lower-blind and bright with the slits higher.

The wall must surround the rocky platform that sits on the tower and would be reinforced by several cylindrical cubes.

Getting there

Luzás Castle is perched on a hill from which dominates the town of the same name, in the municipality of Hopper.


Accessible tourism drive to the center of town to continue on foot
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Do not visit the inside

Torre Luzas