The Graus sausage is the best example of the wide variety of sausages produced in the Ribagorza. Cured in natural drying, is made with a minimum of 70% lean pork and a maximum of 30% of bacon, jowls or bacon, as well as condiments and spices, which can be common salt, pepper, oregano, nutmeg , anise scented wine, cloves and other natural spices except paprika. Graus The sausage can be assumed that the first product was awarded the Aragon brand Food Quality, to maintain a strict commitment to the purity of the ingredients and the most demanding in its handling.

Moreover, in The Ribagorza also makes excellent sausages, salamis, sausages, blood sausages and exquisite tortetas and other derivatives of pig slaughter, popular winter rite in charge of keeping the pantry provided the mountain villages throughout the year.


Sausage Festival Graus

Graus The sausage is the star of a massive party to be held since 1991, the last weekend of July in the capital Ribagorzana and whose key developing the world's largest sausage, with more than 1,100 kilos of meat stuffed. The festival is celebrated in the streets and Salamero Barranco, where it is made live on sausages, which are then roasted and distributed in free tasting. In 1996, the party entered the Guinness Book with the development of the world's largest sausage, 530 meters. The following year, it set a new record: Created the world's largest grid of 25 square meters.



Flirty Festival Benabarre

Since 2004, a weekend in late August, Benabarre celebrates "Festa de la Coquette", an event that returns one of the traditional recipes of the locality, the flirty, or tortetas as they are called in other parts of the Aragón-: a mass of blood, offal and pork fat, flour and various spices that are cooked in the street to be tasted by the audience, sometimes more than three thousand people. The origin of the "flirty" dates back to 1298 and its use is widespread in the Eastern Ribagorza.