Cornudella dolmens

The first is known as dolmen 1 or Cabaneta Cornudella del Forno and the second as Cornudella II or Cabaneta of Trancat de Dalt. Besides a few meters, there is a kneeling stone has been regarded as menhir, although some believe it was part of another dolmen. These dolmens are located in a beautiful forest, one of the most beautiful Cajigar that exist in Aragon.
Cornudella I is a simple rectangular dolmen, outlined by stones that form the semicircular mound and artificial construction.
Cornudella II dolmen is a rectangular chamber.

Its construction is believed to have exploited the natural blocks in support of the slabs and completed the mound with stones and earth. There is a prior preparation of the ground and the camera provides a lower stone at the entrance to the monument. To access this megalithic station must run on the N-230 from Montañana Bridge Pont de Suert direction, a few kilometers to go out Arén a turn to the left to Sobrecastell that we must continue by car to reach Ostalet. From that point, you should continue to walk across a small ravine to reach the dolmens and menhirs in the heart of the forest.



These dolmens are located in a beautiful forest, a cajigar of the most beautiful that exist in Aragon.