Chiriveta Castle


Century Romanesque castle XI

The main remnants of this fort are a watchtower circular diameter of 3.5 meters tall and 15, although there are vestiges of enclosure and a moat. Not retain the second floor openings, although it may have loopholes, and the next were five openings open arch and vault were covered with wooden scaffolds house.

Getting there

Chiriveta tower perched on a hill located near the town of Chiriveta, belonging to the municipality of Viacamp and Litera.

Driving along the road N-230 to Montañana Benabarre, and after the diversion of bunk, at kilometer 87 there is a small seating area to the right. Just after leaving a road, not visible from the road, which leads, in about three kilometers to the Chiriveta. There take a track that goes to the southwest and leads to a grove and the summer colony of the village of Mas. From there a track at a mile, leads to the tower.


Accessible tourism drive

interpretive panel

Torre de Chiriveta 2
Torre de chiriveta