Isábena geological routes

The Isábena Valley is a natural art gallery, which offers, in great detail, the geological history of the last 65 million years: the decline of the dinosaurs, the formation of the Pyrenees, the modeling of the present relief ... A geological heritage that attracts every year most prestigious geologists from all over Europe to study it.

The route consists of eleven breakpoints where, through interpretive panels, you will discover the geological history of the valley, from the age of the dinosaurs to the source of the river Isábena. The itinerary begins in Roda de Isábena with interpretive panels that reports on the Mareas. Through the various items of information have the opportunity to know and observe how it formed the valley, the river Isábena, las margas, sandstones, the delta of Roda, the beginning of the Tertiary or the end of the Secondary era.