Canyoning is a tour that runs through canyons where you have to walk, swim, climb and rappel from the vertical cracks modeled by the flow of water. Its main features are the flow and verticality.

In the Valley of Benasque are concentrated of the main ravines of La Ribagorza, thanks to the abundant flow from the massifs of the Pyrenees.

Descents are the twelve most famous waterfalls of Liri and Barbaruens Aigüeta, much frequented in summer by mountain environment. Others such as ravines or Aiguüeta Literola Eriste despite spectacularity, are reserved for experts because of its strong flows and their difficulty.

Where I can practice?

    • Twelve waterfalls of Liri, at Liri
    • Aigüeta de Barbaruens, en Barbaruens
    • Aigüeta de Eriste, en Eriste
    • Barranco de Literola, en el Valle de Benasque
    • Congosto de Obarra, próximo al Monasterio
    • Congosto el río Cajigar, entre Caladrones y Ciscar
    • Barranco de Congustro, en Esdolomada



Recommended season: 

from spring to late summer

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Chechu- Barranco de Espes