In this Center are presented  instruments of torture, faithful reproduction of originals, which, in different parts of the world, and at the same time, have been used to break wills and bodies, aimed at making people recognize the accusation of "witches" or "heretics". Every two years the first weekend of August is represented Lo Consell de Laspauls.

The town dresses in period and goes back to the sixteenth century to remember a historical episode that happened in these lands. In 1593, between February 19 and April 29, twenty-eight women accused of witchcraft were prosecuted; twenty-one of which were from Laspaúles and seven from neighboring villages. Twenty-two were convicted and then executed, according to the manuscripts found by Domingo Subías, parish priest of the town, in 2001, and dating from this time.
The visit to this Interpretation Center is not designed to distract the visitor but to inform of the evil that is capable of dominating man to torture his fellowmen. Believing in the possession of the truth, man has punished those who did not think like him, in some cases bending the wills and in others seeking physical evils that, directly or indirectly, led to death.


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Sanctuary of La Peña