Alaón Monastery


Alaón monastery, always depended on the Benedictine order until it was abandoned after the confiscation of 1835, and today the church, built in the Lombard Romanesque forms, has become a great parish church and the people of Sopeira is dedicated to Our Lady of the O. It was consecrated by the bishop of Roda, Raimundus in 1123. This was the church of the former monastery of Alaón. The church has a basilica with three naves with barrel vault covered with the Lombard Romanesque characteristics. Of the whole church, deserves special mention, the floor of the altar, a unique case in the area, which was performed with river stone, white, black, red, gray and yellow roses forming hexagonal. On the right of the chancel appears a Christian symbol, the fish and six loaves. Precisely in the basement of this altar is the crypt, where they were possibly buried abbots of the monastery. It preserves the remains of some paintings, possibly fresh from the XIV-XV

Moreover, the monastery has one of the most important medieval cartulary, comprising 327 documents dated between AD 806 and 1245, which reports of all donations, possessions and consecrations related to this site.





Cultural Interest

Visiting hours: 11h to 13h and 16h to 20h.

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