The great mountains of the Park Natural Posets-Maladeta every year to attract experienced climbers, for its combination of excellent rock and high altitude. Mont-Rebei also in the Montsec, or hide Turbón mythical walls, suitable only for specialists.

La great limestone mountains of the Pyrenees and allows the practice of sport climbing at all levels of difficulty throughout the year. In the colder months, sectors and Sopeira Benabarre are ideal for a day of sun, while in summer the possibilities are endless, highlighting the Benasque Valley, Foradada Tosca and walls in the Valley Alins Isábena.

In recent years several have been fitted to complement the via ferrata adventure offer being recommended to cross it with a specialized guide. Go ahead and climbing a via ferrata in Foradada del Tosar, Benasque or Sesué.


Where I can practice?

    • Foradada del Toscar (Escalada y vía ferrata)
    • Benasque (Escalada y vía ferrata)
    • Sesué (Vía ferrata)
    • Congosto de Ventamillo
    • Sahún
    • Benabarre
    • Escales – Sopeira
    • Alins – Valle del Isábena
    • Santorens
    • Palestras de l´Ampriu - Cerler



The excellent limestone in the Pyrenees and the mountains always allows to practice climbing at all levels of difficulty and throughout all year.

Escalada - via ferrata
Escalada 1
Escalada 2
Escalada 3
Escalada 4
Escalada 5
Escalada 6
Escalada 7
Escalada 8
Foradada del Toscar. Escalada