Baile palitrocs de Benabarre

The festivities that are celebrated on June 8th in honor of its patron Saint Medard root sare very traditional in that we must mention the famous pastor and his typical dance "the ball dels palitrocs."

The pastor goes back to the eighteenth century, in her local residents representing the old masters and shepherds, travel and recount the most important and amazing events that have happened in the town during the past year.

"The ball dels palitrocs" is a traditional dance club held the day of St. Medard and has the sound of the bagpipes for interpretation. The music of "Palitrocs" in Benabarre has gone through many vicissitudes. In a played with violin originally, later used the saxophone. In times of "Banda Benabarre" is danced to it and years later he got a good group of pipers and boto dulzaineros are now embellish the dances.

The Palitrocs are danced in groups of four, with four or five tables, with an outfit consisting of white trousers, white shirt, redor blue sash and head scarf wearing a flowered. Espadrilles were worn footwear miñoneras with white socks. Currently, the group is made up of senior dancers, boys and girls from middle age to young children who put all their attention and enthusiasm.


The dance is celebrated on June 8th in honor of its patron, St. Medard.