The cathedral of san Vicente de Roda de isabena rises up at the center of this community, at the front of the cathedral there is a small public square from which one can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the Spanish building.

This magnificent building has two divided spaces, the church and the cloister. The church has three semicircular arches in the romanic style, below there is a crypt divided into three parts corresponding to each one  of the arches. The center of the crypt has simple unpolished columns and a vault that access the side crypts.

The north side crypt has Romanic paintings,amongst them are a Pantocrator and a Menologio.

In the XVIII century, the building underwent several modifications, like the gate and the tower, also the stage for the choir was redone.

One can access the cloister of the cathedral de Roda de isabena freely between the hours of operation of the restaurant located in the refectory. In the cloister walls one can appreciate the necrologic inscriptions, some of which are truly breathtaking, behind the cathedral lies the foundations of the castle of roda or "fat tower", dating back to the XI century, as well as the palace of the Prior from the XVI century.


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The north side crypt has Romanic paintings, amongst them are a Pantocrator and a Menologio.

Guided tours: 11:15 h, 12:30 h, 13:30 h, 16:30 h, 17:30 h

In addition, from June 1st to September 30th , at 18:30 h

For more information call to the phone: 974 544 535 or 616 378 116

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