Ermita de San Aventín de Bonansa

Romanesque chapel of S. XI-XII

Lonely and exempt from the site of the hermitage of San Aventín can see the tips and snowy peaks surrounding Aneto. A visit to "in situ" provides simultaneous pleasure Turbón, Posets, Viella doors, Boi and heights in all directions until the view is capable.

It is rectangular with head ultrasemicircular oriented, low-rise walls of rough stone and reddish sand mortar. If the outside is simply the facing masonry inside the courses are more accurate, although in both cases share the wildness that is observed in primitive bases of Santa Maria and San Clemente Taüll. San Quirico Durro, St. John and Paul of Tella, whose origins are known from the early eleventh century, at least, at which this construction can be dated.

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Access: access on foot from the top of Bonansa people, after a steep climb.

EAA_San Aventin interior
Ermita San Aventin Bonansa