Ermita de la Virgen de la Piedad

Romanesque chapel of S. XII

The Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy in San Quilez Santa Liestra and is 2 km north of Santaliestra towards Benasque. The temple sits atop a hill (Tuzal of the Virgin), which is a natural moat around it Esera river and from which you can admire fantastic views of the city and the River Esera. You reach it by a proper way in recent years. The first remains of the temple dating back to the s. XI, although reforms S. Twelfth or early thirteenth century. Military church time was a defensive set that today there are few clues. It consists of a rectangular nave and closed oriented to the east by a semicircular apse. In the center of the apse opens a small window built in tufa. The building was constructed in ashlar and masonry. The original door of the temple is semicircular segments. Today is blinded and access to the temple is by the door of the western wall, fully restored.

Each takes place August 15th a pilgrimage to the Hermitage, where, after mass party with no fanfare and meshed (food) and Chirete sausage.







Accessible only on foot or todotereno

Interpretive panels

Do not visit the inside


Access: A-139 road, behind Santaliestra tunnel.

Ermita Piedad Santaliestra
Santaliestra. Ermita de la Piedad