Permanent Exhibition Liturgical Objects

We can not speak of the existence of the museum as a cathedral of Roda isolated part, without the building that houses it, as the Cathedral of San Vicente de Roda is the frame while the contents of the museum. Currently is considering the design of a cathedral of old buildings, nursing, in order to accommodate the most significant property is now on display in the church.


Protrudes clothing collection remarkable for the paucity of Islamic tissues preserved in Spain prior to the thirteenth century. Exponents are the miter miter San Valero and San Ramon highlighting the fretwork, the only fragment recovered after theft.

Layer exhibits the extraordinary dimensions San Ramon, without drawing any and elaborated in crimson silk, originally from the twelfth century. San Valero's remains are venerated at the altar of the crypt north, in the witness box Romanesque reliquary of the twelfth century, from the workshops of Limoges.

The sculpture and painting, unlike other arts, will include workshops close to the bishopric, the fruit of this was a Romanesque statue of the Virgin and Child with an image of St. John on Calvary, both kept kinship with sculptures the nearby Valley of Boi. A small collection of tables XV and XVI the full sample.

As part of the furniture of the temple, we must not forget the grave of San Ramon, XII century, located in the central vault and serving as a physical support and religious altar. This is a piece with an artistic quality that makes it worthy to stand as one of the jewels of Roda.



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