Viacamp Tower


Century castle XI

The first image that comes to mind is Viacamp citing its cylindrical tower culminating the hill beneath which sits the town.

Not surprisingly, it has been a reference from the eleventh century, when it was built as a watchtower.

The function of this vantage point was to defend the territory against the Muslims. In fact its four floors have measures to prevent the assault. For example, the lowest level of windows because no access was made in height, as at present.

On the second floor there are only three loopholes that hinder the entry of projectiles.

The upper floor has seven openings to access as many wooden scaffolds have not been preserved.

Getting there

Viacamp defensive tower is located in the town of the same name, belonging to Viacamp and Litera.


Accessible tourism drive
Visit the interior
Viewpoint with interpretive panel

Torre de Viacamp 1
Torre de Viacamp 2
Torre de Viacamp 3
Torre de Viacamp 4
Torre de Viacamp 5
Torre de Viacamp 6
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Torre de Viacamp
Viacamp i Litera