Valle de Bardají

The municipality is formed Aguascaldas, Biescas, and Santa Maura Llert. The city is in Aguascaldas, agricultural buildings where people highlight their church, originally Romanesque but with reforms dating back to the s. XVI, XVII and XVIII

Places of interest

flechaAguascaldas Parish Church, S. XVI
flechaBiescas Parish Church, Lombard Romanesque elements
flechaEsterún Church, S. XII, Llert

Information of interest

flechaFiestas de San Adrián the Sunday closest to September 8 in the chapel of San Jose.


Desde Graus, tomar la carretera A-139 hasta Campo y desviarse a la derecha por la carretera HU-V-9601


Ayuntamiento de Valle de Bardají

  Calle Única.
   Tel. 974 550 000