Municipality consists Ballabriga, Beranuy, Obarra Biasco, Calvera, The Blacksmith and Pardinella. The City is located in the municipality of Beranuy.

This town is divided into two districts by the river Isábena, channel saved by a bridge of two eyes of medieval origin. But one thing that stands out in this town above all is the Monastery of Obarra, a reference in the Romanesque period in the history of art.

Places of interest

flechaErmita de la Virgen de Sis, S. XII, Beranuy
flechaObarra Monastery, S. XI
flechaCastle of Calvera, S. XI

Information of interest

flechaPilgrimage to the shrine of the August 15 Obarra.


From Graus, take the A-1605 Obarra address


Ayuntamiento de Beranuy

  Beranuy S/N
   Tel. 974 347 178