Municipality consists Roda de Isábena, La Puebla de Roda, Esdolomada, Serraduy, Mont de Roda, Nocella, Merli and Esteban del Mall.

Of these municipalities, known for its importance in the formation of this territory, Roda de Isábena. It has typical medieval structure which still retains its medieval walls that spirit. Highlights of all its artistic elements, the Cathedral, consecrated for the first time on 1 December by Bishop Odisendo 956. Also important is La Puebla de Roda, which currently is the capital of the municipality.

Places of interest

flechaCathedral Museum of Roda de Isábena
flechaCathedral of Roda de Isábena
flechaChurch of San Saturnino, S. XI, Esdolomada
flechaMedieval bridge of La Puebla de Roda
flechaMenhir, Merli
flechaMuseum ship models Era Vicen

Information of interest

flechaFestival the second weekend in August
flechaFeast of San Valero January 29
flechaFeast of St. Vincent on January 22
flechaPilgrimage to the Hermitage of San Salvador on August 6



Isábena Municipality is located in the eastern part of Huesca, near border with Lleida. It is crossed by the river Isábena the backbone of the municipality as a channel environment.


Ayuntamiento de Isábena

  Calle Mayor, 23.
   Tel. 974 544 490
   Callejero de Roda de Isábena