Monesma y Cajigar

Municipality consists of cores and Cajigar Monesma.
Monesma includes several hamlets: Badi, Noguera, Puyol, Latorre, and villages: The Calachoa, Gordo House, Monet, Puig de Mas, Solana, Llera and parakeets. It was an area dedicated to timber production, especially the wood of their forests have been used for railway sleepers or tracks to make charcoal.
Cajigar, situated on a plateau, has exceptional views of the Pyrenees. We are in a rural settlement, although the people formerly living on the exploitation of the mines of Santa Eulalia, where coal mined.

Places of interest

flechaMonesma Castle, S. XII
flechaErmita de San Bartolomé, S. XII, Cajigar
flechaChurch of Santa Maria, S. XII, Cajigar

Information of interest

flechaCelebrates its July 21, on 20 August and the third Sunday in September.


Graus Exit, take A-1605 and later turn onto the A-2613. Monesma sits at an elevation between gullies and ravines, and Cajigar is situated in a plateau, with the backdrop Turbón.


Ayuntamiento de Monesma y Cajigar

direccion   Calle Mayor.
   Tel. 974 544 612