Puente de Montañana

Formed by Bridge Township Montañana, Montañana and Torre Baro. Montañana Bridge neighborhoods bisected by the channel of Ribagorzana Noguera, and is a typical medieval village with.

Places of interest

flechaMedieval Set Montañana
flechaErmita de San juan, S. XIII, Montañana
flechaChurch of Our Lady of buckets, S. XIII, Montañana

Information of interest

flechaThe festivities take place from 14 to August 16 in honor of San Roque.


Municipality on the shores of Noguera-Ribagorzana on the edge with Lleida. We access the municipality through a curious suspension bridge. The river dividing the nucleus into two perfectly defined neighborhoods


Ayuntamiento de Puente de Montañana

  Plaza Mayor.
   Tel. 974 542 149