Castejón de Sos

The municipality is formed: Castejon de Sos, The Run, Remastué and Liri. Distinguished by an aesthetic Castejón typical mountain villages that have grown as tourism has been demanded. It is left to the oldest nucleus, where their homes and streets take us back to an earlier time

Places of interest

flechaSarrio Museum
flechaErmita de la Virgen de Gracia, S.XII, El Run
flechaErmita de la Virgen de Puy, S. XVI, Liri

Information of interest

flechaFestivities in honor of San Sebastian on January 20.
flechaVirgen del Pilar on October 12.




From Graus, take the A-139 direction Benasque. At the junction with N-260, follow this road to Campo and Castejon de Sos. Located at the entrance of Valle de Benasque, is a leader in paragliding.


Ayuntamiento de Castejón de Sos

  Avda El Ral, 41.
   Tel. 974 553 000
   Callejero de Castejón de Sos