La Puebla de Castro

La Puebla de Castro maintains the characteristics of medieval people, ie articulated narrow streets around the plaza, arcades and covered walkways. From there you can make numerous trips, stressing above all that leads us to the desert of Castro, a place where stood the ancient castle of Castro and now in recovery phase. Excellent vantage point from which we can see the mountains most characteristic of our region and privileged to watch the Congosto of Olvena and Barasona Swamp.

Places of interest

flechaRemains of the Castle and Church of San Roman, S. XI-XIII
flechaLabitolosa Roman sites, S. I-II

Information of interest

flechaOn August 16, in honor of San Roque.
flechaOn November 28, in honor to San Román.
flechaThe second Sunday of Easter is a pilgrimage.
flechaOn February 5 the feasts of St. Agatha.



Town located south of La Ribagorza in the Esera river bank when it widens to form the beautiful Barasona reservoir. He belonged to the small town of Barasona before it was flooded by the creation of the reservoir.


Ayuntamiento de La Puebla de Castro

  C/ Lazi.
   Tel. 974 545 003