Municipality consists of Luzás, Hopper, Sagarra Low and Almunia de San Lorenzo.
Hopper has a medieval structure, with buildings of two or three floors, narrow streets and some covers.

Places of interest

flechaTower of Faces, S. XI, 2 km Tolva
flechaLuzás Tower, S. XI
flechaChurch of Our Lady of Puy, S. Hopper XI
flechaChurch of San Cristobal, Luzás

Information of interest

flechaThe festivities are held the first and second Sunday of Easter Resurrection.



The municipal district extends along the median valley that crosses the country from north to south between the eastern spurs of the Sierra del Castillo of the gorge Laguarres and Cisco. It is situated close to Benabarre


Ayuntamiento de Tolva

  Plaza Mayor, 5.
   Tel. 974 543 216