Municipality consists Sahún, Eresué, Eriste and Linsoles.
Sahún The core has been growing stronger bridging the gap where it is. It is a picturesque mountain village of narrow streets and architecture that has preserved the charm of yesteryear.

Places of interest

flechaInterpretation Centre Posets-Maladeta, Eriste
flechaErmita de San Aventín, S. XII, Sahún
flechaShrine of Our Lady of Guayente, S. XII
flechaChurch of San Juan Bautista, S. XII, Eresué

Information of interest

flechaThe night of San Juan, 24 June, will celebrate the traditional “falles”.
flechaOn September 8 the feasts in honor of the Virgen de Guayente, with the Ball dels Sombrers.


Municipality located in the heart of Valle de Benasque, the town center is an example of conservation


Ayuntamiento de Sahún

  Plaza Mayor, 1.
   Tel. 974 551 334