Municipality consists of the peoples of Seira, Abi and Barbaruens. Municipality quite transformed from its origins to now, especially since the construction of the power plant and colonial-style buildings created for this project.

Places of interest

flechaElectricity Museum
flechaCongosto of Ventamillo
flechaAbi Romanesque Church, S. XII
flechaRemains of the monastery of San Pedro de Tavern on Barbaruens
flechaDolmen de Seira.

Information of interest

flechaThe festivities take place July 16 in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.
flechaOn 15 August, held in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption.


Seira is the true gateway to the Valle del Alto Valle de Benasque Ésera or through the impressive Congosto of Ventamillo


Ayuntamiento de Seira

  Vía Pirenaica, 8.
   Tel. 974 553 131