Municipality consists of Perarrúa and Besians.
Perarrúa revolves around a main street where both sides are articulated the houses that form the core.

Places of interest

flechaErmita de Virgen de la Ribera, S. XII, Perarrúa
flechaErmita de San Martín, S. XII, Perarrúa
flechaCastillo de San Clemente, S. XI
flechaSet of Perarrúa Mon, S. XI.
flechaPerarrúa Romanesque Bridge
flechaSet Besians, S. XII

Information of interest

flechaOn 26 July in Santa Ana.
flechaHoros Pilgrimage in San Pedro de Verona, 29 April.
flechaSeptember 8 makes a pilgrimage to the hermitage of San Clemente.
flechaIn honor of San Sebastian, another procession on 20 January at the chapel of the same name.
flechaIn honor of San Marcos, 25 April pilgrimage to the shrine of the saint.
flechaOn April 24, pilgrimage to the hermitage of Santa Lucia
flechaOn May 15 at San Isidro.


Located in the eastern region of La Ribagorza. It borders the municipalities of Graus (southwest, south and west), Santa Liestra and San Quílez (north) and Tierrantona (northeast, and in the region of Sobrarbe).
Perarrúa is located on the right bank of the River Esera, accessed by a newly constructed bridge parallel to the medieval one-eyed


Ayuntamiento de Perarrúa

  Plaza Mayor.
   Tel. 974 540 277